Achievement Awards – 2015


The Town Council recognises the importance of an Achievement Award, to both individuals and groups of people within Connah’s Quay boundaries. Every year without exception, as the Council places on record those extra qualities shown by the various peoples’ endeavours, by presenting them with an Achievement Award.

We require your assistance to identify and recognise the achievements of those people you nominate for an award.

To assist you in that process and seek out those extra special people, the criteria are set out below.

1. Individuals who have been selected to represent their County or their Country in a sporting event or who have won a National or Regional title in a sporting event.
2. Teams who have won National or Regional titles or awards in a sporting event,
3. Individuals who have achieved the highest level of awards in group activities other than sports e.g. Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Sea Cadets, ATC etc.
4. Individuals who have, voluntarily, helped and supported others in situations of an extreme nature e.g. organ donation, bone marrow donation etc.
5. Individuals or groups who have produced outstanding levels of achievement in the arts i.e. music and drama (N.B. this category does not include membership of choirs or groups unless that choir or group has won, say, at National Eisteddfod level or equivalent

This is not a finite list, individual cases will be considered on merit, where their achievement is beyond the natural progression within or outside the educational framework

If you do require a submission form that you can photocopy see above link. The submission form should be completed and returned to the Town Council offices by the 19 June 2015Submission form (rev)2015.

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